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You are not alone if you suffer from an addiction to sex and/or pornography. It is estimated that over 400,000 people suffer from the condition worldwide.
Sex/porn addiction is not defined by the amount or type of sexual activity involved, but by the particular relationship the person has to compulsive sexual experiences. Anyone who has ever experienced an orgasm knows the tremendous power of sex. The incredible rush of sexual pleasure a person feels during orgasm is indeed intoxicating. However, a person who is not addicted to sex, no matter how much or how often he enjoys sex, can also have fun and find pleasure engaging in other relationships and activities. Those with sexual addiction, however, find little pleasure or gratification in doing anything else. The world is seen through a sexualized lens and the quest to duplicate the “rush” of sexual euphoria, over and over again, becomes an obsession.
Of people who are addicted to pornography, 17% are women.
Of people who are addicted to sex, 44% are women.
You are not alone and should not feel ashamed.

    This project

    This project has been set up by ORGIC.org. An organisation dedicated to making the Internet a safer place for all. ORGIC are  Associate Members of UKCIS (UK Council for Internet Safety) – a government body set up to protect those online via its Internet Safety Strategy

    We are here to directly help those in need, and also to help people find nearby counselors and therapists who specialise in these addictions. We are UK based, but offer support and help worldwide. (We are currently seeking alliances to help us open an office in the USA )

    In addition, we are commencing a project to encourage pornographic websites to display cautionary notices so that people can seek help and advice if they suffer from addiction – in the same way warnings are displayed on cigarette ads, drinking promotions and gambling sites. This website will be the central hub receiving this traffic and directing people to appropriate information and counselors who can help.

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    Of addicts lose their spouse
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    Suffer Severe Financial loss

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    Lose their job

    It's time to act - and take back control of your life

    We are here to help

    How to Get Started

    There is a lot of information here on the site to help you learn about your condition. We suggest reading through this first (click the information link at the top of this page) and then – if you identify with either sex or porn addiction you can seek direct ‘one to one’ help from a therapist/counselor close to you. Click HERE for the directory

    You can also take our online questionnaire below to see if you may have an addiction problem,


    A case study

    About Mark

    I am a 32 year old man who became so obsessed with online pornography it completely ruined my life. Spending over 4 hours per day looking at images that aroused me meant my social life deteriorated, I lost my job, self esteem and lovely girlfriend.

    My addiction meant I kept searching for ever more extreme porn to the point where ‘ordinary’ sex with my girlfriend become boring and mundane. She didn’t know what the problem was – and left me feeling rejected and unattractive.

    After losing my job due to depression I realised that I had to do something to regain control of my life – and my addiction.

    The first steps were hard – I felt embarrassed admitting to what I spend hours every day doing – but I found an online counseling service where I didn’t have to meet ‘face to face’, and that made things much easier.

    After 2 months of counseling I realised that by implementing some simple behavioral therapy I was able to gradually reduce the hours I spent online – to the point where I now can go days without looking at an erotic image. I still have the desire to be aroused, but have learned to channel this desire into a real world relationship rather than an online ‘voyeuristic’ one.

    I have met a lovely new girlfriend, have started a new job, and feel that I am living a normal life once again!

    Click HERE for the directory of therapists and counselors who can help you.


    If you are the owner of a website that displays pornography we hope you will display the banner to the left (resize it if you wish) and link it to http://pornaddiction.org.uk so visitors to your site who suffer from an addiction to pornography can seek help.

    In the same way that the tobacco, alcohol and gambling industry display information to help addicts – we hope that the online adult industry voluntarily adopt a similar policy without the need for future legislation.

    Please do the ‘right thing’ and show this banner on your site. It doesn’t have to be prominent or intrusive, but it may help people who suffer as a result of what they see online.

    If you would also like to make a donation to support our good work then please click HERE. Every penny will help us!

    Thank you.